Progressive businesses recognize that environmental responsibility is good business. Whether green projects are driven by an organization’s desire to protect the environment, reduce costs, produce eco-friendly goods to meet growing consumer demand, or comply with increasing levels of government regulations, the results can be good for the environment and good for business.

Sacramento Sign Source continues to search out alternative products to meet the growing needs of our environmentally-conscious customers, while creating processes in our company that are mindful of the environment for future generations.

Some environmentally responsible products are:


BIOflex™ is a durable white, flexible substrate readily available in seamless up to 16' 4'' (5.00m). Tear and fade resistant, it will withstand all types of weather conditions. BIOflex™ has been engineered to be the FIRST truly environmentally friendly, biodegradable PVC. It is well suited for applications that require a front-lit digitally printed sign or banner.

Xanita X-Board

Xanita X-Board is a 100% natural fibre based sandwich board which has an internal core made from 100% recycled kraft. After its useful life it can again be repulped, making it 100% eco-friendly and assisting in reducing unfriendly landfill around the globe. X-Board is available in kraft or white top laminate depending on the final application requirements.

Etch Blast (Melamine Plastic)

Our Etch Blast ADA engraved sign system is regularly specified for interior public school and institutional applications because of the product’s performance in high-traffic environments, low environmental impact, design flexibility and affordability. The overall quality of melamine laminates are far superior to acrylics and photopolymers. Melamine plastics meet virtually all municipal, state and federal fire safety and building codes and are NEMA rated “self-extinguishing”.

Channel Letters

Our Channel Letters are made from extruded sheets of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB). CAB is made from plant fibers, making it a renewable resource.  CAB is derived from nature; as apposed to other petroleum-based plastics which contain PVC's, fluorocarbons & other synthetic resins. CAB is 100% recyclable. Any and all scrap from the manufacturing process is ground down and recycled into new CAB sheeting leaving behind 0% waste.

Plastic Letters

Any and all scrap is ground down and recycled into new CAB sheeting.

Dimensional Letters & Logos

Dimensional Letters & Logos can now be routed out of many environmentally friendly materials; plyboo, wood, cork, biodegradable PVC, 100% recyclable PVC, fluorocarbon free CAB plastic, 100% recycled plastic sheeting, Richlite board along with many other green alternatives.

Exit Signs

Photoluminescent Exit Signs are the safest, most effective exit sign on the market. This is because, during emergencies, Photoluminescent Exit Signs do not depend on emergency generators, batteries or light bulbs – all of which can, and unfortunately do fail. As long as nearby lighting is on for a few minutes before a black-out emergency, Photoluminescent Exit Signs are failsafe and capably lead building occupants to safety. Photoluminescent Exit Signs are also less expensive to install, operate and maintain than LED and Tritium Exit Signs – up to 80% less expensive over a 10 year period. Since 2001, Photoluminescent Exit Signs have been code legal for both high and low applications.


Eco-SOL MAX INK boosts the performance of the entire lineup of Roland eco-solvent printers and printer/cutters. Unlike solvent ink, Eco-SOL MAX is virtually odorless and contains no harmful VOCs*, ensuring a highly comfortable working environment. No special ventilation or environmental equipment is required. In addition, Roland inkjet printers and printer/cutters automatically clean their print heads and require no major user maintenance.

Our goal continues to be to research/monitor new eco-aware offerings that are coming onto the market and make them available to our customers when possible.

Going Green – What that means at Sacramento Sign Source

Working together with our employees we have made significant progress towards making Sacramento Sign Source an environmentally responsible vendor. Some examples of our programs:

  • Reducing energy usage at our Orangevale office by 15% over the past 5 years.
  • Implementing dual-sided printing; using email to send bids, contracts, and invoices, thereby reducing paper consumption.
  • Enabling employees to recycle cans, bottles, and paper.
  • Play a key role in hardware asset retirement so that computers and such are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Implementing power-saving settings on personal computers, desktops, and servers.
  • Disposal of hazardous materials properly (ie:  inks, paints)
  • Using energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Turn off unused equipment during nights and weekends

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